“National Service Scheme” program conducted by NSS Unit-5 team of Galgotias University concludes

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Under the supervision of NSS Unit at Galgotias University, a seven-day camp, featuring cultural programs, concluded today in Kanari-Kanarsa village. The camp was held from March 5 to March 11, 2024. Pranjali Mishra, Coordinator of NSS at Galgotias University, stated that on the first day of the program, students introduced themselves to the villagers and conducted a survey. As per the schedule of the program, the villagers were informed about (AI) Artificial Intelligence and Digital India on the first day. The next day, students extensively discussed the Government’s special theme “Developed India @2047.” Deliberations were held on how India’s economy could reach the third position globally by 2047. Everyone contributed their thoughts.

During this seven-day camp, a cleanliness campaign was also conducted in the rural area. Information about traffic rules was provided, emphasizing the importance of wearing helmets. It was stressed that wearing a seat belt while driving larger vehicles is essential. Special emphasis was placed on maintaining hygiene during menstruation for women, and sanitary pads were distributed.

India, as the world’s largest democracy, recently conducted elections for the Lok Sabha and various state assemblies. Aligning with the Indian government’s special theme, “My First Vote,” students collaborated with villagers to host a special seminar, urging everyone to prioritize their vote and act in accordance with this principle.

Dr. K. Mallikarjun Babu, Vice-Chancellor of the University, addressed the students, emphasizing that success comes only through hard work. He urged students to work diligently. He advised the daughters to plant a sandalwood tree in their lives, which could significantly help them financially during their marriages after 25 years.

Dr. Avadhesh Kumar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, stressed the importance of yoga and meditation for fostering positive thinking and mental health. He underscored the significance of steering clear from addictions like drugs and urged the youth to make substantial contributions to nation-building. Dr. Kumar advised them to embrace the path of Indian culture.

Sunil Galgotia, Chancellor stated that today’s youth are the true architects of tomorrow’s India. Therefore, the youth of the country should carry out every task with dedication and honesty to build a better India tomorrow.

Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, encouraged students to maintain continuous hard work for achieving success. He commended the various programs undertaken by students during the seven-day cleanliness campaign, including tree planting, and expressed that this effort marks just the beginning. The University plans to continue organizing such camps periodically. Dr. Galgotia emphasized that the primary aim of these camps is to instill in students the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, enabling them to realize Gandhi’s vision for India.

Aradhana Galgotia, Director of Operations, While addressing the students, said that we must respect and focus on the Prime Minister’s slogan, “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”. She emphasized that the Prime Minister’s slogan has left a unique mark on the world, and the dignity of women has increased in the country. Women are enhancing the pride of the nation in every field, be it in the field of science, education, defence, or the protection of the country’s borders. All of this is the magic of the Prime Minister’s slogan, which is bringing about so much change.

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