Neighbour kills girl to settle score with her brother

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New Delhi, 8 October 2022: In Narela, North Delhi, an eight-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her neighbour on Saturday.

The victim’s brother’s connection with the accused was blamed for the murder by the police, who ruled out any sexual assault theory in the case. The family of the victim and the accused were reportedly living side by side.

Police suspects that an alleged between victim’s brother and accused, may have led to the incident. However, they have ruled out any sexual assault theory.

As per information, the police learned of the girl’s absence at around 10 pm on Friday. According to a senior officer, she was found after being identified through CCTV footage of the major road about 150 meters from her home. While around 11.30 pm, the suspect was located and placed into police custody, the source claimed.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer North) Devesh Kumar Mahla stated that while initially the accused attempted to deceive the authorities, he admitted his crime during cross-verification and prolonged questioning that he had a tense relationship with the victim’s brother.

In order to get revenge from her brother, he killed the victim about a kilometer from her home. The body has been located, and forensic and crime scene teams have examined the area, according to the police.

They continued, saying that there were no obvious signs of sexual assault despite the victim’s post-mortem revealing strangulation and skull fractures.

The police have registered a case under kidnapping based on the missing complaint and murder was added after the body was recovered and the accused was arrested, Mahla said.

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