NGE LVL Power Ltd Shines at Delhi Times Fashion Week 2023

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New Delhi, October 21, 2023: The dynamic leadership of Dr. Piyush Dwivedi, Chairman Nexgen Energia Group has played a pivotal role in establishing footprints of NGE LVL Power Ltd at the Delhi Times Fashion Week.

Their vision for a sustainable and greener future through electric mobility is well-perceived and attempting to participate exponentially in Nation-wide go-green drive and contribute endlessly towards carbon-free environment to mankind.

NGE is two & half decade old group entered into electric vehicle revolution with its aspirant company LVL Power Limited and brand name ‘e-Mobility & e-Power’.
NGE EV business is strategically and operationally steered from helm by its executive director  Ravi Raj Lamba, ensuring effective implementation of EV business process, policies, strategies and best practices across all levels to ensure an anticipated outcome.

NGE e-Mobility has showcased their innovative and sustainable EV solution at the prestigious Delhi Times Fashion Week 2023. The company’s participation in the event was marked by a strong commitment to the future of eco-friendly mobility with their experienced and competent team in place.

NGE chairman Dr. Piyush Dwivedi has emphasized on industry best business models to enrich low medium and high net worth patterns with its consistent handsome returns. Also, there is an intent to provide long lasting opportunities to their business associates for their next generations too.

Executive director Ravi Raj Lamba formulated and build up strategies towards NGE composite business Models as a EV trade as conventional with modern practices through off & online channels for all its wide product range, covering entire micro mobility space like e-cycle, low and high speed two wheelers scooter, delivery loader, bikes for domestic, sport & commercial activities. Three wheelers product for all segment of passengers and commercial transport industry in all part of the Indian geography, 3 wheelers product range like e-rickshaw, auto, loader with customisations and garbage collectors to create employment, to meet need of transporter & e-commerce companies, cargo & logistic companies for hub to spoke or for their last mile deliveries. NGE is also committed to meet and exceed on Government requirements under “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” a prestigious campaign initiated by our honourable Prime Minister.

In September 2023, company has already inaugurated and launched its owned first showroom in Noida as LVL Experience Centre to showcase their products and many other business associates showrooms are coming soon in Kanpur, Agra, Sonipat, Jhansi for their retail and B2B Sale.

Whereas NGE e-Power has orientation for committed services at all levels, which is recognised as “Voice of Customer” by its executive director Ravi Raj Lamba in recent past to capitalise a business solution for the EV industry fellows and aggrieved customers. NGE e-Power will pave way to “charge and power transformations” though its service centres, which will further generate extra revenue income for their investors by collaborating with sales of spare, chargers and batteries for both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries.

NGE Power points will be designated as NGE service and charging centre to service & charge all kind of electric vehicles, which will also enable the customers to get spare parts and batteries of all electric vehicles category, types and variants conveniently.

NGE LVL Power Ltd involvement in the Delhi Times Fashion Week 2023 was a testament to their dedication to environmentally responsible transportation solutions, with Chairman Dr. Piyush Dwivedi.

At this Delhi Times Fashion Week shows unveiled latest designs electric vehicles, demonstrating a focus on eco-conscious design and technology. These electric vehicles received substantial attention from fashion and tech enthusiasts at the event.

LVL Power presence at the event underscored its commitment to driving the adoption of electric vehicles for a cleaner and greener future.
On this occasion, both EV Leaders expressed best wishes for EV industry fellows to join hands collectively to make India shine in EV industry.

NGE e-mobility launches variants of electric two-wheelers | A Dr Piyush Dwivedi Venture | Photo Highlights

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