NIT Meghalaya Students Protest in Delhi, Against brutal attack by local students and goons!

Prerit Chauhan / Rahul Kumar Jha


New Delhi: The NIT Meghalaya Brawl between Locals and Other state students have created a intense situation in the Campus. Students from different states have alleged that they were brutualy beaten on 7th April by local goons, who were called by local students in front of dean and college authority. Ten students were beaten badly and got hospitalised.

Among the injured are Pyare Mohan Mohan of Patna, Vishal of Jaipur, Siddharth Mohan Singh of Jaipur, Abhijit of Bihar Sharif, Atul Kumar from Patna, Prem Kumar of Sasaram etc. are being treated in various hospitals. Mohan was treated only in Patna. There are several stitches in his head. Hands and feet have been badly injured. The incident took place on 6 and 7 April in NIT Meghalaya.

The things have turned into very bad situation over there and many students have left the institute.Students said that have returned to their homes and are not going to come back to college as they can’t live in such an environment of terror.

After the incident on 7th April, CRPF and Arms Force reached the campus and students reached Guwahati in their security. Then the students reached their home to somehow. Some of the Students returning from NIT are so scared that they are not ready to publish their names and photos in newspapers and Media.

On Tuesday, The Students Gathered at Jantar Mantar, in New Delhi to Protest against the brutal attack on them and said, we don’t want to go back to NIT Meghalaya and want our transfer to the some other NIT in the country.

While Speaking to Ten News students said,

“We have been severely attacked by locals.all students have returned to their homes and we not going to come back to college.we can’t live in such an environment of terror. The NIT administration is also not supporting us. In NIT Shillong, there have been incidents of assault with outsiders students many times in the past.”

The Tension started at the Cultural Festival where a first-year student said on condition of anonymity that on April 6, they were dancing at the Cultural Festival. A local student started pushing with them. Although at that time the student did not say anything. But when those people started visiting the hostel, the student who was shouting had objected to it, it got flashed. He called his colleagues and in the course of going to the hostels, stopped the vehicle with a variety of weapons. On April 6, there was also tension in the hostel. A student of the second year told that the hostel’s menu had changed, and a local student misbehaved with Mess Securities. On which they beaten him. Then on next day ie on April 7, about 200 people reached the local youth hostel and hit them with hammers, screwdriver, ropes etc. Many students jump through two floors and saved their lives.

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