Noida: NOVRA suggests measures for making “Swachhta Campaigns” more effective

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Noida Village Residents Association (NOVRA) recently wrote a letter to the Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari suggesting her to employ villagers as supervisors for making “Swachhta Campaigns” more effective. Now a days, villagers themselves are taking part in Swachhta Campaigns while making cleanliness their habit. But for total integration, there are some measures that need to be taken.

Ranger Tomar, President, NOVRA suggested some measures and also explained the reason. “Many times it has been seen that the supervisors do not have control over the sanitation workers and their attitude towards Swachhta Campaigns is not right. Complaints from the villager’s side have also come up where fake attendance is marked, hence the total work expected is often left as incomplete.”

He further added “NOVRA suggest as well as demands that supervisor should be recruited from villages of Noida that would have many positive effects. Firstly the village will get employment and hence will work in integration with the authority. Secondly, the villagers will be more vigilant about Swachhta in their own village. Thirdly, and most importantly, they are expected to have better control over the Sanitation worker. These efforts will surely be beneficial in integrating the village society with the Swachhta Campaign, and as you have always said, Swachhata will become part of the culture of Noida villages and sectors.”

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