Only 43% sentiments in India around COVID vaccination drive are positive, says ATCS’s research

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In a recently conducted sentiment analysis by ATCS around the COVID-19 vaccination drive in India, 43% of consumers recorded positive sentiments, whereas 33% recorded negative sentiments. The remaining 24% displayed neutral sentiments. Topics revolved around the study include mass vaccination, elderly care, protocols, immunity, dose schedule, and app-based consumer support.

The sentiment analysis further says that conversations in India decreased last week by 15% and a lot of positive interactions were observed over the need for getting vaccinated. However, many consumers expressed their concerns over getting infected after receiving vaccines, said the report.

Sanjul Vaish, Managing Director, ATCS India, said, “ATCS works towards the continued health and wellbeing of its employees and so we have decided to reimburse the entire amount on Covid-19 Vaccination. All employees, as well as their dependents who are willing to get vaccinated, will be provided with this financial aid.
He further mentioned that ATCS is giving two weeks of Covid-19 leaves apart from paid leaves for its employee base. More than 600 employees are working in the company right now in India. ATCS also applies a Corporate Insurance Policy for employees that covers Corona Virus-positive patients in accordance with the prevalent IRDA norms.

With the oncoming second wave of the pandemic, the government has vaccinated 79105163 citizens with over 16 Lakh doses in the last 24 hours according to Union Health Ministry data on 5th April 2021. There are over 7 Lakh active cases accounting for 5.89% of the total infections, with a recovery rate of 92.80%, says the ministry’s website.

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