RSS Leader Indresh Kumar Launches Aton Group’s New Solar Products In Delhi!


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New Delhi :- Today in National Capital, Aton Group of Companies got it’s all new solar products launched by Indresh Kumar from RSS.

At the launching ceremony, Indresh Kumar focused on the need of solar energy in India as India is facing lack of electricity every now and then in various major cities.

Speaking to Ten News Indresh Kumar said that,

“Today in India, we are in need of solar plants because lack of electricity is being faced by many other countries as well along with India. Ravi Bansal is a man with good aim for the betterment of India. He introduced two major solar products with indian markets that will be available on production cost of 25,000 and 75,000 in which one will be a 500 W solar mobile box and another is a solar technology of 1.5 kW.”

Speaking to Ten News, Chairman of Aton Group of Companies Ravi Bansal said that,

“We have launched many products before in which one was best mobile solar product for the daily use of farmers which we call as mobile solar trolley. That product is available in two versions of 3kW and 5kW which can be used for both farm and home purposes i.e farm use in days and household uses in nights. Our products are totally free from getting theft or getting corrupt and the products that we launched today are best usable products for any household purposes that can be used for generating electricity to run fans, to charge mobile phones or for any other common purposes.”

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