Small scale ice cream manufactures organisation demands inclusion in composite scheme

Shaihzad Abid/ Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: On January 7, all India Small Scale Ice Cream Manufactures Association held a meeting in New Delhi at Constitutional Club.

The country’s ice cream makers came to the National Capital demanding that their business be brought under the composite scheme.

According to Vijay Kumar, general secreatory of All India Small Scale Ice Cream Manufactures Association, ” Modi government has kept the sellers of ice cream business as small cottage industry in the larger scope of GST
i.e in 18 percent, which is utterly wrong.”

While Puneet Manchanda said that this ice cream business, adopted as a small cottage industry, can run for five to six months a year but the current government has brought them to the realm of tax like large ice cream companies. If this tyranny of poor government is not stopped, then the poor will also end with this small cottage industry of ice cream.

The meeting was joined by various ice cream organisation across the country, several MPs and former MPs including Mohammad Adeeb, PC Chako and JP Aggarwal expressed their commitment to keep the struggle of the organisation in front of the government and expressed sympathy with their demands.

Speaking at meet, former MP PC Chako said, “Me and our congress party is in support to uplift the deteriorating ice cream industry.”

While former Rajya Sabha MP Mohd Adeeb said, “Most of the off-season agriculture workers works in this (ice cream) sector, now all of them are employed because of current industry fluctuations. An empty stomach force a poor to commit serious crimes.”

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