Solar Energy Conclave 2023: Noida International University

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28 March 2023, Greater Noida: The Solar Energy Conclave 2023 was organised by the School of Business Management, Noida International University. Dr. Chetan Solanki, the Solar Man of India and a professor at IIT Bombay, as well as the Founder of Energy Swaraj Foundation and Brand Ambassador of Solar Energy for MP, was the guest of honour. He was accompanied by prominent personalities such as Mr. Abhinav Mahajan, Director of IB Solar, Mr. Ashish Kumar, Assistant Manager at Tata Consultancy Services, and Mr. Anurag Bansal, Managing Director of 13D Research and Strategy (USA), who were the guest speakers for the conclave.

Prof. (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Vice Chancellor of Noida International University welcomed all the guests and inaugurated the conclave with her words of wisdom on solar energy, she mentioned that in today’s environment, solar energy is the absolute energy option which may lead us towards the eradication of environmental concerns.

Dr. Subhash Kumar Verma, IIC President and Dean of the School of Business Management, Noida International University, cordially welcomed all the guests with his speech and started the event. The focus of the event was on the fact that whatever we eat, wear, and use consumes energy either directly or indirectly, and the earth is suffering from the effects of this energy consumption. Therefore, it is important to take green initiatives to save ourselves from climatic hazards that are hints of the earth’s severe condition.

Mr. Solanki described the six points of understanding climate change and corrective actions. He discussed what, why, and who has changed, when to start correcting, how to correct, and what an individual can do to reduce the effects of global warming and learn to use solar energy effectively. He also shared his experience and motive for Energy Swaraj Yatra 2020-30, where he advised switching to 100% solar energy to limit consumption and use finite resources. He also encouraged students to be a part of the upcoming grand event as volunteers.

Mr. Ashish developed new solar start-up ideas for the students to grow actively and productively. He also offered students to be a part of his firm as interns and asked them to have an industrial visit to acquire industrial knowledge and volunteer for the Energy Swaraj Foundation.

Mr. Abhinav, an emerging solopreneur, inspired students with his example to have the right courage to do things and set an example for the world. He shared his journey in the solar business and guided students to make their passion their profession and lead a joyful life.

Mr. Anurag shared his global perspective on energy conservation, where he mentioned how India is emerging as a solar energy manufacturer so that it may not rely on a few countries like China, America, Japan, and others for energy.

Dr. Yamini Pandey, Associate Professor at the School of Business Management, gave the vote of thanks and ended the event successfully.

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