Stuck in hopelessness, despair, learn lessons from this battle drum story

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These though times, unfortunate and difficult times makes us feel stuck, hopeless and in despair. But living and doing so with joy and gratitude is our duty.

To find the strength to fight every circumstance in life lies within you and it requires purposeful thinking and mindset, and to not let despair dominate. In today’s challenging times, we need to infuse enthusiasm in ourselves and in those around us.

Sharing the lessons of how to deal with such situation, Bharat J Mehra, renowned social worker and the Chairman of Radha Meera Trust, which is supported by Ajay Piramal Group, shared a unique story of a battle elephant.

“The elephant was most fierce and strongest among hundreds and thousands. And the king loved him the most as he had ensured win in many battles. But with time, the elephant got old and he was stopped from being sent to battles. One day, he was going to a lake from his place of rest. On the way he got stuck in a muddy area and starting getting deeper and deeper into it. Many people tried but couldn’t get him out from that. The king was informed and came there with his people, but pulling out a well built elephant wasn’t easy and no one could help. Meanwhile, a courtier suggested to beat battle drums in the area. The idea sounded strange but king decided to give it a try. And as soon as those battle drums were beaten, the elephant gave a loud noise, pulled him up and slowly pushed himself out of the mud by using all his strength. The moral of the story is that sometime we forget our powers and a battle drum is needed to realise us our potential,” he narrated.

Through the story, he recommends everyone to use their best powers for uplifting their mood and utilizing the positivity of their life to fill it again with colours, energy and good will to achieve everything in the life.

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