Supreme Court’s order for firecrackers, Proved to be invalid for citizens of India

Saurabh Kumar


Greater Noida (08/11/18) : Despite the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court fixing the time limit for bursting fire crackers, people kept on bursting crackers till late night. This turned the AQI at hazardous level and the morning of NCR was covered with thick smog choking throat and burning eyes.

But the administration came with strict action against the violators and FIR was been registered against them under different police station of Noida and Greater Noida. Shailendra Mishra took the charge and took action against the violators.

Following are the details of FIR under different police station
1. Sector 20 police station —19 persons
2. Sector 24 police station —11 persons
3. Expressway police station — 4 persons
4. Sector 49 police station —- 6 persons
5. Sector phase 2 police station — 7 persons

Furthermore FIR may be registered if anyone is found violating the guidelines


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