The new style of #teaching is destroying the very fabric of #education.

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By Vanits Sriniwas


Recently there was news that a girl of Class Twelfth from Mumbai committed suicide. She had scored well in all the subjects, but unfortunately failed in one subject, IPR. Regrettably she was the only student in the school who had failed in the exam. On her visit to school she was summoned by the teacher and was humiliated for having spoiled the school result. The girl was already in a great sorrow and could not take the humiliation from the teacher. Alas, she committed suicide.

Lately we have come across many such incidents where school and teachers, to save their brand name and honour put pressure on students. Some are able to withstand but a few crumble under the pressure.

A teacher is not a professional who not been appointed to finish the curriculum in a prescribed time, nor is teaching a profession of routine. A teacher is a mentor. The students look up to him with lots of expectation. He is the one who opens the windows of wisdom and knowledge. Every word uttered by him is the ultimate truth for the pupil. He commands respect and in turn teaches the children to develop a dignified demeanor. Each action and instruction of teacher begets pivotal change in the children. In all cultures, teachers are equated to God. Apart from disbursing knowledge a teacher has to set an example for the students to follow for the rest of the life.

The teacher has to be a fount of virtues for the students. They seek to learn all the virtues through his conduct. This profession is a combined job of a mentor, psychologist, counselor, foster parent, friend, guide and the list is endless.

The teacher has vast experience of kids who come to him with their tender and innocent requests and beliefs. While tending and nurturing the kids, he is in fact doing a great service to the nation in building a virtuous society. Any person, who joins the profession but is not passionate about the job, should immediately look for a different money earning profession. The teachers’ job is not a profession for any monetary benefits, but it is a great responsibility of moulding lives.

It is disheartening to see how schools have turned into brand names, and teaching into a profession. It’s a pathetic situation when school negotiates with pressure tactics to improve the percentage of school performance. The very purpose of education is defeated when teachers focus more on marks and less on education imparted. If students are taught in an interesting way and are inspired to read and understand, discuss and accrue knowledge, the marks are sure to follow.

Lucky are those who have been nurtured by devoted teachers. We all have a simple and heart warming stories to reminiscence of our school times. Its heart wrenching to see children struggling and reeling under pressure, to get cent percent marks. Even an iota of failure is enough to break them. On the contrary one of the basic purposes of education is to teach not to succumb under pressure but somehow collect oneself and forge ahead.

The whole education system needs to rethink. The new style of teaching is destroying the very fabric of education. The changes should come soon and save the children from taking the ultimate suicidal steps. The purpose school and education is served when, even after decades of schooling we fondly remember our teachers for having been our mentors.

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