The Rollout Plan For 5G In India

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India (14/08/2022): The anticipation of the 5G rollout in India is high now that the plan for its implementation has already begun. Different telecom operators are coming up with different plans and timelines to roll out 5G across India. Irrespective of the timeline, it is pretty evident that the objective of all the prominent telecom operators is to roll out 5G as soon as possible and spread its foundation on the pan-India level. 

The 5G Rollout Plan of Jio Is Ready

Jio has completed the 5G rollout plan in India. It aims to expand its 5G coverage in the top thousand cities of the country. However, only 22 Indian cities will receive the 5G network in the first phase. Use Speed Test to check your current internet speed and compare it with the data speed once you shift to the 5G network to see the real difference in the internet speed. The coverage planning of the initial cities was executed using 3D maps, heat maps and ray tracing technology. 


Recently, Jio emerged as the highest bidder in the spectrum auction. It managed to lay its hands on a premium 700 Mz hand. After this, it will now be able to provide its users better coverage using fewer towers. Akash Ambani, the newly appointed Jio Chairman, declared that it would celebrate the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav with the 5G rollout in India. 


Also, Reliance Jio emerged as the top spender in the spectrum auction. It paid INR 88,078 crore to grab 24,740MHz 5G spectrum. After participating in the spectrum, it now has access to a wide range of the spectrum, including 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 3300MHz and 26GHz. 


Here are the names of the few cities that experienced the initial deployment of 5G: Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jamnagar and Lucknow. If you ever visit any of these cities, use BSNL to check the internet speed here. These were also the cities where the 5G trials were previously conducted. 


Not only is Jio working for the rollout of 5G, and it has already begun work for the 6G network. It has partnered with the University of Oulu, Finland, to research 6G. 

The 5G Rollout Plan of Airtel 

Like Jio, even Airtel plans to roll out 5G this month. Airtel expects that by 2024, it will ensure 5G coverage in the entire country, including the rural area. Airtel, in the auction, managed to purchase 3.5GHz and 26GHz bands, allowing it to acquire 19,687.8MHz frequencies. In the initial stage, Airtel will focus on covering 5,000 towns across the country. However, with each passing month, it will work to diversify its network both in rural and urban areas. 


Even though Airtel is planning to keep the data cost in check, its CEO believes that mobile service prices in India are very low and need to increase in the future. 

Do Not Expect 5G Coverage This Year

Even though the 5G rollout will happen this year, do not expect its coverage before 2023-2024; It is because most of the telecom operators will first focus on the Tier-I cities for the 5G rollout. As discussed above, 5G testing was already happening in these cities. 


Tier-II and Tier-III cities of India will not be able to enjoy a 5G network anytime soon, especially before 2023. Only by 2023-2024 can we say that the country now supports 5G. 

Increase In Price Of Data Plan 

The download speed offered by 5G will be ten times more than 5G. However, the users can enjoy this better internet speed at an additional cost. According to current estimates, the 5G data plan will be 30% more expensive than the 4G data plan. 


4G plans have recently seen a price hike, and now 5G will be more expensive. According to reports, the 5G data plan’s high price will be crafted so that the telecom players can recover the money they invested in developing the required infrastructure of the 5G network. Almost all the telecom operators are on the same page regarding the premium price of 5G as they have heavily invested in the spectrum. 


Only time will tell the impact of the price hike for the 5G network. Will the data speed difference between 4G and 5G be enough for people to switch from the 4G network to 5G massively?

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