The Syllable of Emotion

Galgotias Ad

By Dr Anuj

Walk in the thin and cramp lanes and feel the fragrance and the coolness of the both sides of erected old brick heritage constructions..feel the vibration of history touching your soul and influencing your psyche.. this is Agra…Agra is not only the epitome of the Taj’s every nook every corner is the ovation to the classical history etched in every edifice of immaculate architecture.. you need the eye , the blood to feel history seeping in you when you walk in the lanes of the old bazaars and the gardens… The Mughals are gone, but the soul still loiters in the horizons of this city of love..  no other city in the world can parallel the abyss of emotion and sensitivity that oozes out from the air and the water… Agra is much more than what the people in the world think..

Agra is the uncut diamond that sparkles in its reserved virginity and adolescence…

The beauty is sprawling in the nearby stretches, in the distances which you can cover in a day and get soaked in the mesmerizing and amazing feat of human imagination and chivalry..

Agra is passion, love and sensitivity of all dimensions..

Let for once, keep Taj Mahal out of the itinerary and explore the other side of the city that offers much more heart warming experience to quench your thirst for history and the glorious past.


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