Thirtieth batch of BIMTECH Greater Noida begins with illustrious commencement day ceremony

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Ashish Kedia
Lokesh Goswami

30th commencement Day of BIMTECH, Greater Noida was celebrated with a two day long ceremony in 15-16 June. “Dikshaarambh” as it was aptly named started with traditional offerings to the Goddess of Education and culminated with speeches of noteworthy speakers.Speaking at the occasion BIMTECH Director H Chaturvedi said, “Birla has a glorious legacy that is respected by all corporates in the country.

Both NBA and NAAC have given the highest ranking in management category to BIMTECH”.He further said, “About 25 faculty members if BIMTECH are from corporate background and they are the major strength of our brand”.He also informed about student exchange program and said, “Every year 50 students are selected for completing a semester in European countries”.Director H Chaturvedi further added , “We want to prepare our students for the long race. Every individual passing out from BIMTECH must be a marathon runner instead of a sprint player

Talking of automation in Indian Industries he said, “Today Indian economy is growing but not creating jobs. It is basically because of automation. But I want to assure you that though automation will take over traditional jobs in coming times but it will also create large number of new jobs”.

“We are living through an interesting state of digitization and it will surely open multiple doors of opportunities for our young management post graduates”,
said guest of honor Dr. Sunil Mithas, Professor, Robert H. Smith School of Business and co-director Centre for Excellence in Service.

He also spoke about importance of digital intelligence and said, “Just having a good strategy isn’t enough in today’s maeket. To be successful one also needs to have adequate skills and knowledge to execute those strategies”.

Shri Prakash Iyer, motivational speaker, author and leadership coach was the chief guest at BIMTECH’s 30th commencement Day today.

He narrated a story of pencil and eraser to insist on the importance of making mistakes and correcting them.

He said, “Pencil is what gets all the admiration and eraser is something that keeps getting smaller with every usage. But still it is job of eraser to ensure that pencil makes no mistake and it corrects whatever such things happen. If we talk of our real life you can very well say that Students are pencil but it’s the teachers and parents who are the erasers who make a difference in our lives.

He further said,”Life is all about Teamwork. One of the challenges that we had faced up until now is that we are often told to compete with everyone around us. We struggle for just one marks with our friends. But I want to ensure you that helping others is what is going to make you successful in ling run of life”.

Chief guest Prakash Iyer also said, “Fear actually is “False Expectations Appearing Real”.

He urged student to Push themselves and said, “Start doing things you are not comfortable at.
Student life is your chance to make mistakes and learns.Curiosity is important so be curious”.

On importance of asking question he said, “Always feel comfortable to say I don’t know. The worst mistake a student can make in his educational life is passing out without actually knowing real things. The problem with young managers is that they always keep looking up. However it is extremely necessary to recognize and acknowledge the people who make difference on ground”.

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