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In a country like India, purchasing of a property is never an overnight decision and is usually witnessed once or twice in most people’s lifetime. Due to our cultural upbringing, we tend to involve our primary and secondary circles into the buying decision. For most, purchasing of a property involves spending of entire life’s savings and thus it has to be properly chalked out. Once a property is being bought; an even more tedious task is on the way; relocation of the residence. The thought and process of relocation begins from the date of earning the possession of the purchased unit and till the time the residents are settled.

Relocation of a property can be physically as well as mentally stressing and can also put a strong pressure on customers’ pockets. Thus, it becomes crucial that a well laid plan is formed and executed in a systematic manner so as to make sure a hassle free shifting process. Moving forward in this chapter, we’ll look into various tips and tricks to avoid a troublesome relocation process.

Block your Dates

The first and foremost task should be the selection of date(s) for shifting. Moving from a small unit to a similar sized unit within a city is quite an easy task and can be managed in a single day’s time. This form of shifting is most suitable and observed amongst nuclear families and young students/working professionals. On the other hand, moving inter-state or outside the country require several days to shift. In either cases, marking the date(s) on the calendar is of utmost importance so that the home packaging work begins on time and you’re sitting ready to move out. “When planning to relocate to a new region, it is most important that shifting dates are decided well before time. This allows the residents to prepare themselves and accordingly begin with the work. Selection of dates in the beginning is like setting a deadline for self, and consequently meeting the target becomes crucial”, explains Ankit Aggarwal, CMD, Devika Group.

Do your Homework

Once the date(s) for shifting has been decided, understanding and knowing the region should be the next task. Most of us shift to a new place and then search for shops or places to meet day-to-day requirements. Then again, if shifting within the city, it is still easy to find places or even go back to the older destination for goodies. But when shifting to an altogether new location; due homework is a must to ensure a tension-free living. Knowing about the presence of a grocery store, dairy, hardware store, etc. is important as once shifted, it is imperative to know these places as they come extremely handy not only later, but especially during the initial days. “It becomes very difficult to settle after shifting if the area is unknown. Before relocating, it is important for the residents to know their region completely so that they don’t become aliens. This task can be carried parallel while starting the packaging process. It is thus crucial to know about your surroundings well before shifting to the location”, avers Rahul Chamola, MD, One Leaf Group.

Packaging Planning

Moving systematically from one place to the other is significant in order to ignore trouble during the settling process. In India, we usually just shift from place to place without considering the management aspect that can help us cut down on time, money and effort. An ideal way of shifting is room wise. Once we know that we are about to shift, we don’t have many guests visiting and hence, packing the drawing and dining rooms can be done at first. Gradually every room can be prepared keeping the bedrooms and kitchen for the last as they are the ones that are utilised till the end. This concept is suitable for any and every unit size. Once the resident starts living in the new home, they’ll automatically see the stuff already in place. “The concept of shifting room by room is gaining popularity in India as it reflects better management. The later on efforts are literally reduced to half as whatever was carried has been brought forward to the correct places. With this concept, the problem of stuff getting missed or left with other packages of different rooms is also removed, thereby highlighting a flawless shifting”, elucidates Sudeep Agrawal, MD, Shri Group.

Selection of Packers & Movers

Professional help during relocation is of utmost significance as these Packers & Movers know perfectly how to carefully handle, pack, relocate, unpack and settle your stuff. From furniture to steel, equipment to antiques and so much more; they can move anything and everything present in the house. The process of hiring this help is simple and is just a phone call away. Now days we have ample of Packers & Movers agencies present in every region. They charge on the basis of number of rooms to be shifted, number of personnel involved, distance of travel, number of cartons/bubble wraps used and few other parameters. Their prices vary from region to region and on the basis of demand/supply dynamics. The time of travel for their vehicles is usually late night/early morning as heavy vehicles are not allowed to cross borders during day hours. If relocating within city, then there are lenient hours for travel plus, not many vehicles are involved. “Earlier in our country, this concept was different, where logistics help was hired along with labour in the region. This combination went quite expensive as local logistics and labour could not provide sufficient professional support. Packers & Movers of today are trained thoroughly and even the drivers’ drive with utmost caution to avoid any form of damage to the packages. They also take care of unloading, unpacking and settling the stuff at the desired places thus, assisting the households from the first to the final task”, shares Deepak Kapoor, President CREDAI-Western U.P. & Director, Gulshan Homz.

Check your Fittings

We Indians are extremely rigid and lethargic by nature. If we don’t have a plug point next to our bed, we just cannot walk ten steps to use the one on the wall. Similarly, plumbing and other electrical fittings are something that we get used to over the time and it becomes very difficult to adjust in the new home, with fittings not at the places where we desire. Therefore, it is important to check the fittings at the core places of the new home such as bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms; and get them adjusted according to the need so that own home does not become difficult to live in. In fact, if there are plans to upgrade furniture, renovate, paint walls or any plans to change the look and feel of the home; better get it done prior to the shifting date so that it does not become painful later.

Know your Neighbours

Neighbours are not only there for us when we need a bowl of sugar. Jokes apart, when planning to relocate, those living in the society before you, are the ones with the ground level experience. They know it all. From loopholes to benefits, directing you to the right people in the society and much more. They’ll have intel about almost everything; and most importantly, you’ll have someone physically present there to assist, when you land with the stuff. Thus, while making site visits before shifting, it is most important to have an ice-breaking with the people residing around you.

Time to Shift

Once the planning phase is complete and everything is readied for shifting, now is the time to bid adieu to your old home and make your way for the new one. One important aspect of shifting is filtering the stuff. In cases where a family is relocating after decades of residence at one place, then leaving old stuff behind is the best strategy. Lots of things keep popping up when making the travel for the new destination that usually makes a person confused. Thus, it is best to sit back and relax, and think about the next plan of action. “If someone plans to relocate in a systematic manner, then they don’t have to think a lot. Shifting with the things that matter is important, rest can be left or purchased later. There are several bottlenecks that everyone faces once they start residing at a  new location, due to the change of habitat. It is therefore important to take the procedure of shifting very lightly and conduct it with the highest degree of management”, enlightens Rakesh Yadav, Chairman, Antriksh India.

On your Own now

Once the relocation process is finally complete, the time to settle out begins. The settling phase completely depends on how well the shifting phase was managed. A systematic way of relocation guarantees an easy and short settling phase. Thus, a well planned relocation must be there to ensure quick settling and moving forward in life. “Relocation, if compared to settling down the home is quite an easy task. But with the kind of services that are available to a modern day resident, settling down has become much easier. There are companies today who provide services to settle down the home in a very small span of time. The decision to relocate is very crucial as the place where you choose to relocate has been acquired after lot of efforts in life. Thus, moving properly through this decision is significant for a peaceful future living”, concludes Vikas Sahani, CMD, Property Guru.

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