Top 5 fastest growing B2B Ed-Tech companies making learning easier with Gamification

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Ed-Tech has experienced colossal changes in the past few years. The global pandemic threw businesses into an unprecedented situation and threw day-to-day life out of balance, but it also accelerated digitization. With schools, colleges, and other educational institutions temporarily closing, online learning became more popular. Digital learning platforms have leveraged cutting-edge technology to bring about innovative solutions and new concepts as students turn to digital learning solutions. Gamification is one aspect that has become a buzzword in the industry.

In order to encourage students to learn and make the process more interesting, gamification in education technology introduces game-like aspects into the learning environment. In order to increase student involvement, it incorporates ideas like rewards, points, and challenges.

  1. Next Education

Next Education has played a vital role in helping schools transition from offline to online academic operations through the Next Learning Platform. It is a SaaS-based platform that ensures the best virtual teaching and learning experience. By utilising interactive gamified simulations, this AI-based platform makes learning fun. The elements of a game are incorporated into the activities to ensure that students are inspired and actively engaged.

  1. Lead School

Starting with a handful of students and an ambitious vision, LEAD today provides school edtech solutions to over 9,000 schools, 50,000 teachers, and 5 million students across 20 states in India. Lead’s journey from a far-sighted vision to a satisfying reality wasn’t achieved in a day. LEAD is the result of our constant dedication and effort to bring a change, of which these milestones are a witness. Backed with strong core principles and a motto to strive for excellence, company’s vision is clear and defined – to provide propulsive learning opportunities to over 26 million children by 2026.

  1. Classpro

Founded in 2011 by Jayesh Gopalan and two of his batchmates from Mumbai, Classpro was the first-ever company to have come up with an online software for coaching classes management. With their new tool, coaching centres can teach their students online, share pre-recorded videos of lectures with students who might have internet issues while attending online classes, help students digitally submit their assignments, and also conduct exams online.

  1. Tribyte Technologies


TriByte was established on November 22nd, 2010 by a team of experienced professionals who came from different industry verticals. They had already scripted successful careers for themselves and now, came together to deliver another landmark project. TriByte’s founder’s vision is to build a product which will make learning interesting, fun and interactive and to offer services to course builders which are authentic, engaging, creative and challenging. TriByte provides an interactive video platform to enhance learner engagement and learning outcomes. It provides tools to upload/aggregate content from various sources, enhance, share and interact on videos and other learning content for content creators. It provides the same user experience across devices, anywhere and anytime with or without internet.

  1. Campus 365

Campus 365 is used by Schools around the world, from Kindergarten to Higher studies schools and non-profit schools. This journey for several years now, but in many ways it still feels like early days. The founders of the company bonded over their concerns about student safety, this is how Campus 365 started as a student tracking software. Since then, we’ve branched further into education and spreading the word of mental health amongst students, while meeting the standards of several educators and administrations all across the globe.

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