Ways to please the Sun God – Know from celebrity Vastu Shastri Dr Sumitra

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By Celebrity Vastu Shastri Dr Sumitra Agarwal


India (22/09/2022): We have named the planets as gods. Foreigners have accepted them only as planets. Every planet has certain karaka elements and they influence those things.
Karakatattva of Sun –
In relatives – Father and uncle in relation. In health – medicine, doctor, doctor, eye diseases, blood circulation, bones, stomach, strength, in the field of work – wool, wood or timber, place of worship, brokerage, job (sixth house), livelihood (tenth house), Courage, ancestral property, honorable position, authority, fame, fame, government, rajasik, politician, soul, forests, desert, power or force, fire.

How to know if the sun is giving you unfavourable results
If Sun is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars etc. in inauspicious condition, it affects bones, heart, eyes, child birth, marital happiness, parental health, job/business etc.

Remedies to please Sun God
In the scriptures, it has been said about mantras, gems and medicines to please the deities. One thing is clear about the chanting of mantras that the number of chanting of each deity is different, so chanting always in the specified number gives benefit. The chanting number of Surya is 7000.
Whenever you sit for chanting, a brief sun worship has to be done before starting. The meaning of this worship is to adopt a specific method to please the planet Sun. It involves surrendering to various remedies with expressions and then chanting. First of all, by laying a red cloth on a copper vessel filled with wheat, establish a copper metal idol of the sun god, or a picture of the sun planet. Apply red sandalwood vaccine on Suryamurti or Surya Chitra. Before chanting, after taking a bath, wearing clean clothes, cleaning the place of worship, sanctification, taking a seat, offering, lighting incense stick, lamp, offering flower, fruits etc. After this, chant this mantra “Om Ghrini Suryay Namah” of the planet Sun for 7000 times. Donate saffron, red clothes, copper to a middle-aged person. Feeding wheat and jaggery to cows on Sundays, serving father, doing Surya Namaskar, offering Arghya to the sun, feeding red colored food items to birds and crows.

Which gem to wear
In the condition of the afflicted and weak Sun, it is necessary for the person to wear a ruby in a golden metal ring and wear it in the first Hora of Sunday.

Infalliable remedy
Those whose Sun is weak, they should meditate on Shri Vishnudev in their mind.

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