We are here today to make sure there is alignment : Rupa Chakravarty, Chairperson GPSC

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Gurgaon (India), February 11, 2023: The Grand Hyatt in Gurgaon was abuzz with excitement as the Gurgaon Progressive Schools Council (GPSC) held its annual convention on February 11, 2023. The theme of this year’s event was “The Confluence of School-Tertiary-Industry Should be Mandatory to be ‘Future Ready.’ ”

Rupa Chakravarty, Chairperson GPSC and Director of SunCity, while talking to TEN NEWS emphasized the importance of technology in the convention, “We began everything online, and you could see technology in every aspect, from the virtual roundtable with heads of schools, parents, teachers, and head boys and head girls to the registration through QR codes.” Chakravarty further emphasized the significance of the youth and their role in shaping the future: “We are here today to make sure there is alignment so that life is beautiful and the youth of today can make the world a better place.”

Alka Singh, Secy GPSC and Principal of Blue Bells, while talking to TEN NEWS expressed her thoughts on the purpose of the convention, “The idea behind conducting this convention was to understand how schools should change such that students are future ready and never face the problem of unemployment.” She added, “We wanted to bring a blend of speakers from schools, universities, and industries and bring together parents, students, teachers, and heads of schools.”

Delegate Anita Gupta, Principal of Raman School, had a similar message while sharing her comment with TEN NEWS said , “It is in our hands to make the destiny. We have to be the destiny designer and understand how educators, industries, and technology can help pave the way for our children to be future ready and make the world a happy place to live in.”

A delegate at the Grand Hyatt Gurgaon’s annual GPSC Convention showered his praise for the initiative, stating, “GPSC has been bringing together educators and policymakers for 21 years now, providing a platform for principles to stay informed about new changes in education policy.” The delegate emphasized the goal of taking education beyond just the syllabus, and expressed excitement for the 22nd GPSC convention and the continued efforts to advance education.

The GPSC Convention brought together over 350 delegates, including 52 schools under its umbrella and 50 registered guests, to discuss and exchange ideas on how to create a better future for the youth. The event showcased the power of coming together , collaboration ₹ conquering and the determination of the dynamic TEAM GPSC to give back to the society and ensure a brighter tomorrow.

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