World’s first Causa Grand PhD Degree in Philanthropy goes to an Indian: Bipin Sharma


In recognition of his relentless global humanitarian works, activities and campaigns, and more significantly his contribution towards social-economic transformation of rural and remote areas of India, especially the weaker and socially underprivileged groups, through physical, social, cultural and economic development of rural people, groups and institutions,the Faculty of Sociological Sciences, International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) Russia in a glittering ceremony conferred upon SP Singh Oberoi the coveted and the world’s first Causa Grand PhD Degree in Philanthropy.

Honorary Causa Grand PhD Degree in Philanthropy is awarded by the IUFS Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council to a person who engages in philanthropy; someone who not only donates his or her money, but also generously spares his or her time and efforts for charitable and altruistic causes. Philanthropists are good Samaritans who indulge in philanthropic activities. More specifically, the HonorisCausa Degree is conferred upon persons for their outstanding contribution when the Rector of the International University of Fundamental Studies in recommendation of the Faculty and the Intergovernmental Academic Council, certifies that a particular individual has fulfilled all the eligibility criteria for this Degree.


Thanks to the extraordinary philanthropic works that his Charitable Trust namely ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ has been doing in different parts of the country as well as overseas over the years, the name SP Singh Oberoi needs no introduction, as he has become synonymous with those in distress, suffering, and in need. The award is a recognition of social service and the dedicated services rendered by his esteemed Charitable Trust Foundation towards enhancing the lives of the people of various remote areas around the World, aiming to empower communities and individuals to overcome the disadvantages of living in remote locations by extending support in nurturing their life style, health, and education standards etc.

What makes the Grand PhD awarded to 58 year old Oberoi more special is the fact that the Doctorate conferred upon him is affiliated to three prestigious establishments namely Oxford Educational Network, International Parliament of safety and Peace and California University FCE, CA, USA.

The unique distinction has not only added another feather in the cap of the good Samaritan Oberoi, but has also made the entire country proud

Remodifying the ageless adage, “Single step for Oberoi and a giant leap for philanthropy and India”.

A ‘grand Award for a man who is passionate about not only making grand contributions and donations, but also about making grand differences to the lives of people in need and real distress.

Be it the large scale distribution of blankets among the impoverished segments of the society in different parts of the country, or the distribution of road reflectors for helping citizens cope with foggy weather conditions, Oberoi has been associated with the most germane causes of life.

As good luck would have it, Oberoi was honoured in December last year when Prince Marcello, the Prince of Consular Corps of the Principality of Seborga in an official ceremony chose him as their Honorary Consul General for Republic of India. With this accomplishment, Oberoi etched his name in record books by becoming the first Sikh to represent a European Country in India. The Prince issued two Passports to Oberoi including the prestigious passport of the Club Diplomat.


As a recap, Oberoi had shot into limelight when he paid the blood money for saving the lives of 17 Indians on the death penalty.


Speaking on the momentous occasion, SP Singh Oberoi who is also the Chairman of the Division of the Emirates Apex Group of Companies said, “Although I have been undertaking philanthropic activities since the past many years, not a day passes when there is not a germination of a new idea to better the lives of people in suffering. The awards and honours conferred on me from time to time indubitably mean a lot to me as they motivate me to undertake more humanitarian activities. Albeit I am a businessman, I prefer being referred to as a ‘crusader’ for that happens to be my real identity. When it comes to engaging in altruistic acts, I, or my Sarbat Da Bhala team do no disparity on the basis of caste, creed or religion as our only religion is humanity.  It definitely feels good when people overseas recognize me, and express the desire to know more Sarbat Da Bhala. With humility, I tell them that it is not just a Charitable Trust, but a ‘Global scale humanitarian movement’.”


Lauding the latest milestone of the man, Chancellor Prof PR Trivedi remarks, “Well the man has been going from strength to strength with passage of time, and the day is not far when the government of the day too will aptly award him for his lifetime contribution in the field of philanthropy. A native of a small town in the northern India State of Punjab, Oberoi moved to Dubai in 1977 for about four years before returning to India to set up his construction company in Punjab. He again moved to the UAE to launch his companies namely Apex Emirates General Trading L.L.C, Apex International Construction, andOberoi Properties.Plaudits all the way to the Son of the soil who may be physically residing in Dubai, but whose heart incessantly beats for India.”


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