Yoga sessions for special kids and their parents

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Yoga is an ancient practice which has been successfully transforming people’s lives on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Yoga includes asanas, pranayamas, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Regular practice of Yoga is proved to have positive impact on the physiological and psychological levels.

The Yoga Institute conducted Yoga sessions for hundreds of students with physical and mental disabilities on March 15, 2023. Accompanying these students were their parents at the institute. The objective of this session was to uplift the spirit of these students and introduce them to the world of Yoga for a better living. The institute is conducting these kind of sessions regularly since three decades. 

The Yoga sessions included practice of asanas, pranayamas (breathwork) and yogic philosophy, better living values, yogic concept games which are extremely beneficial for the coordination of mind and body. It builds physical strength and stamina, increases balance and flexibility, endurance and tolerance. Mentally, it increases focus, brings more peace and calmness, makes one more sharp, reduces anxiety and stress. 

The students were also provided with fresh, nutritious and healthy Sattvik meals at the institute. Such kind of food helps in bringing positive impact on the body and mind. The students also received guidance and wisdom from Pujya Maa Hansaji during their visit at the institute. In this exclusive session with Guru Hansa Maa, the students were imparted knowledge about the importance of Yoga education and how it helps in making one healthy and balanced on physical and mental level.

Established in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, The Yoga Institute is the world’s oldest organised Yoga centre in the world. Revered as Father of the Modern Yoga Renaissance, Shri Yogendraji pioneered the evolution of Yoga. With a strong legacy of 104 years, the institute has been dedicatedly working towards Yoga education, standardization of Yoga practices, research and experiential learning. 

The institute has done pioneering work in the fields of Yoga including: the “Householder Yoga Movement”, social initiatives such as Annam Brahma (free meals for the underprivileged), free medical health camps, blood donation drive, wellness and mindfulness programmes, Yoga for armed forces and police, holistic health programs, Yoga programmes for the municipal and western railway staff, wellness programs and much more.

The Yoga Institute was rewarded with The Prime Minister’s Award in 2018 by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the outstanding contribution by Smt. Hansaji in the development and promotion of Yoga. A globally acclaimed spiritual guru, Dr. Hansaji Yogendra is the Director of The Yoga Institute, wellness mentor and thought leader. She has conducted more than 1,00,000 Yoga sessions and has been honoured with the Prime Minister’s Award for her contribution to the field of Yoga. She has also been honoured with the Bharat Gaurav Award at the UK House of Commons in British Parliament in London for extraordinary contribution to, and excellence in, the field of Yoga. 

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra has designed health systems, special techniques, health camp programmes and well-being modules that cater to a wide range of people across age, ethnicity and gender. She is on the board of numerous national and international committees devising Yoga syllabi and Yoga policy. Her words, ideas and life-long body of work in Yoga, wellness and mindfulness has the source of powerful change in countless lives. An epitome of grace and wisdom, she is a global symbol of peace, balanced living, and Yogic living. The Yoga Institute has been instrumental in transforming millions of lives (10Cr+) through physical medium and has a strong digital family of more than 3 million subscribers.

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