12th World Education Summit Day 2: Educators Speaks on future of Education Reform!

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New Delhi: The second day of the 12th World Education Summit 2018 at Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi was held in the presence of different educators from across the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Manpreet Singh Manna, Director, AICTE, MHRD, Government of India, said,

“When we share our thoughts in such kind of platforms. We come under a comfortable ambience but What we discuss is the pain. From the chilhood the moments after the 9 months a child comes on this earth. He/She starts realizing that until she or he will not communicate will not get anything.i asked my how many students want to be like me they said no we don’t want to become like you. Because we never see you happy. We are the number one consumers in smartphone but we are on 66th rank as a innovative country.”

During the Summit Ten News Caught up with several dignitaries to know their experience about the summit.

Speaking to Ten News,
Ganesh Tiwari, Dean – Activities, Genisis, Global School, Noida said,

“It’s a great opportunity to all the educators, principals, Directors, Cordinators they meet once a year and twice a year they discuss about the education. We bring points which should be brought in schools which will be very useful for the students.”

Talking about the technology playing part in the education he said,

“I would say education in today’s world is not possible without technology. And todays children’s ar me very Tech-savvy.”

Teena Jaiswal, National Business Alliances & Visitation Head, Kidzania Speaking to Ten News said,

“Well it’s a very enriching experience rigt here. There are so many educators and good Speakers. If i talk about Kidzania experience we got a beautiful platform. As we all know technology plays major role. To start with in Kidzania we have so many child activities, animation or be it any other child activities. Technology is very deeply integrated with Kidzania system.”

Prof. Vikas Singh, Executive Director – ITS Education Group, sharing his Experience about the summit said,

“I thank the organizer of Summit, to invite me to participate and chair this Summit. This in one platform where so many people can come and share their experience. It’s an opportunity to learn from each other. I was discussing on a topic which is self directed professional education or you can say professional development. I’m very happy to be participating in a panel, the other panelist also shared very intresting ideas. There was a IAS officer who spoke about Education in a very good way. So it’s a very good platform.”

Reekrit Serai, Dean, Satluj Group of Schools, said,

“You know i’m coming for the last two years. This Summit i feel is the best place for Education. All are the top educators particularly visit here. This is a time once a year. So i’m really happy to be over here and i look forward to part of future Summits as well.”

Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Director, AICTE talking Exclusively to Ten News at the event said,

” It is the second time i’m attending this Summit. Last year I was also here. Its really really very exciting here. Why we need this kind of platform. Acedemia, The Industry, Educators they sit together, discuss to make all kind off brainstorming, what is the need of the hour. Industries are looking something else, students are looking something else and teachers are looking something else. Can’t we sit together and discus what students are looking for. That’s why in this Education Summit we find the variety of people are here. So in totality the recommendations will come which can go to the long way in implementing in our education.”

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