All India Qaumi Tanzeem Party attacks BJP and AAP for misusing Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy

Vishal Malhotra / Jitender Pal

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New Delhi: Today, marking the 150th Birth year of Mahatma Gandhi, All India Qaumi Tanzeem party held a press conference for making people and various political parties aware of how Mahatma Gandhi’s methodologies were being misused for spreading negativity and division.

Tariq Anwar addressed the conference with a speech targeting Aam Aadmi Party and Bhartiya Janta Party, who have started using Gandhi’s name as the reason for various activities that have had a bad impact on society.

Tariq Anwar is the former General Secretary of the Nationalist Congress Party of India. In 1999, Tariq Anwar along with Sharad Pawar and PA Sangma broke away from Congress and formed Nationalist Congress Party, in protest of a person of foreign origin being appointed as President of the Congress party

When asked by Ten News Correspondent about the involvement of the Prime Minister in the Rafale deal controversy, Tariq Anwar said,

“As Rafale deal included the signatures of Prime Minister of France and Indian Prime Minister Modi, it is transparently clear that everything that happened in India because of Rafale deal, every loss that India faced because of this deal, happened under the supervision of Narendra Modi which makes it clear that Prime Minister is in the heavy range of suspicion. A Prime Minister works for the welfare of country but this is something that can just be expected from a criminal.”

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