Amrapali Leisure Valley turned into pressure valley retort buyers at Tripartite meet

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Ashish Kedia
Lokesh Goswami

A situation of chaos prevailed during the tripartite meeting of Amrapali project buyers tripartite meeting.

The authority has called the buyers of three projects namely Aadarsh, Varuna and Leisure Valley at the same time.
However the meeting hall was overflowing with aggrieved buyers even before the meeting could start.

Authority officials later announced to hear grievance of one project at a time and requested others to wait outside till their turn.

Even after this when the talks commenced, the buyers of Amrapali Leisure Valley project seemed to be divided on the issue of representation, which was sorted after a small scuffle.

Later elaborating on the grievances Amrapali Buyers said, “The project which was initially scheduled to end in one and half years has now taken seven complete years and is still nowhere near completion. 300 families have got NOC but their villas are not ready. Out of 883 families only 85 families have moved-in so far and are living in a terrifying situation”.

He further said,”The possession was started two years back but is still going on. Everyday people living their have to struggle for water and electricity. There are more snakes and street dogs at the project site than people”.

They demanded that authority must intervene to best of its ability and must resolve the issue at the earliest.

ACEO Janardan attended the meeting along with other authority officials. They listened to the grievances of all the project buyers and issued necessary instructions to the builder.

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