CBSE to conduct re-examination for Class 10th Maths, Class 12 Economics!

Ashish Kedia

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(28/03/2018) Noida :

Central Board of Secondary Education today announced that it will be conducting re-examination for Class 10th Maths and Class 12th Economics. The decision has been taken after both the papers were marred into controversies of being leaked online.

However the decision has come as a surprise to not only the students and teachers but everyone else as well because the allegations of paper leak were strongly refuted by the CBSE on the day of examination. The Central Board officials on the day of Class 12th Economics paper have then said that the allegations were unsubstantiated and no examination center has reported a broken seal.

Indeed not the CBSE in its statement claimed that examinations will be conducted keeping in view the fairness of the examination.

Students and parents also expressed surprise over the decision and said that it will create unnecesary burden on the students. People also demanded to fix the accountability of the examination committee of the CBSE and not only passing the burden towards the students.

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