Delhi Cops Find 3-day-old Newborn Girl in a Dumpster, Local Resident to Adopt the Child

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New Delhi, 9 October 2022: The Delhi police recently found a newborn girl at a trash dump close to Rajokri Bus Stand and was taken to a private hospital in Vasant Kunj is in stable condition.

The police reported that a PCR call involving one girl child discovered laying among garbage, at Rajokri Bus Stand, was received at PS Vasant Kunj South on October 8 at 8:12 am.

Following the report, police officers went to the scene and met the informer, Rajokri Pahadi, who said that he had seen a live newborn girl, about three days old, lying among some trash close to his house. He then called the police and brought the girl home because it was raining, according to the Delhi police.

The girl child was next given to the investigating officer (IO), after which police personnel took her to Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj, where she is receiving primary care and is in stable health. As required by law, more legal action is being taken, according to the police.

The preliminary assessment further suggested that the infant had been delivered within the previous 24 to 48 hours. She also seemed blue and weighed only two kilograms, which is less than is typical for a newborn.

Dr Rahul Nagpal, Director and HOD, Pediatrics, Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj informed that rain had soaked the infant, who was also incredibly frail and hypothermic with the umbilical cord still attached. She had a body temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, which was lower than the typical 36.4 degrees Celsius and suggested that she was a premature infant. After cleaning her, our crew revived her and covered her in warm clothing. The newborn intensive care unit was then where she was transferred. Dr. Nagpal added that the girl child is benefiting from the medication.

We are currently stabilizing her, adjusting her blood sugar, and checking her oxygen saturation level. To determine whether she has any more medical issues or if there is brain damage, we are running a few tests on her. It’s encouraging that the baby is responding to treatment. The doctors at Fortis Vasant Kunj are determined to do everything in their power to save the youngster, he further added.

Surprisingly, after the infant’s recuperation, the people who found the abandoned youngster said they would be pleased to adopt her.

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