Delhi government to open first 24/7 veterinary hospital on Jan 16

Shaihzad Abid/Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: Delhi Government is planning to establish a better medical care and support system for animals and birds, the government is coming up with 272 veterinary hospitals in each ward to counter animal diseases and viruses.

According to Gopal Rai, Minister for Employment, Development, Labour, General Administration and Irrigation in Government of Delhi, “In recent years the national capital have gone through many serious infectious diseases including bird flu, if the animals infected with these kind of transmissible diseases are not treated or operated successfully, it can be transmitted to humans too”.

“In past years no policy has been constituted in Delhi and most of the animal issues are solved randomly by local authorities”, he added.

The minister said, “Delhi government held a meeting with social organisations and their opinions were taken regarding animal heath issues in the capital”.

On 16th January, Delhi government is inaugurating “first animal 24/7” in Tees Hazari, which is a pilot project and will extend to one hospital like this in every district.

At present 4 cow shelter homes are functioning in the city and the government is also planning to make combined area which includes “Gaushala and Old age home”, so that the people living in old age homes can share some time loving cows.

“Their is also a proposal to change the name of Animal Husbandry department to animal health and welfare department”, said Rai.

According to official, presently Animal Husbandry unit of the Animal Husbandry Department performing various activities including treatment of sick animals, start cattle rehabilitation in gaushalas, post-mortem of animals/birds in vetro-legal matters, animal birth control programmes of dogs in collaboration with MCD and NGOs.

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