Devotional Dhunuchi Dance Enthrals Devotees at Kalibari Durga Puja Greater Noida

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Ashish Kedia

Saurabh Shrivastava

(28/09/2017) Greater Noida

Devotional beats of Dhak reverberated through the atmosphere as Wednesday festivities at DurgaPujo celebration at Kalbari had Dhunchi Dance competition as its main highlight.


Boys, girls, men, women of all ages danced on the Dhak beats and worshiped Goddess Durga in this unique form. The beautiful “Protima” or statue of Goddess Durga remained center of all performances.


As the evening progressed Ladies clad in beautiful traditional Bengali Sarees also performed an interesting play.4

Going with the Bengali tradition of considering Navratri a time of feasting and not fasting, the Mela premises at Greater Noida Kalibari is also filled with stalls of different delicious food items.

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