Ex-Indian football captain Bhaichung Bhutia floats own political party ‘Hamro Sikkim’ in Delhi


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New Delhi: Former Indian Football teams captain Bhaichung Bhutia accompanied  by ex- government officials, students and a doctor floated a new regional party with the name of ‘Hamro Sikkim Party’, for Sikkim elections in Delhi today.

He made an official announcement of his party and its name in Delhi today during a media briefing.

While announcing his party name he said, “The prevailing atrocities in Sikkim have forced us to form a party of young people who really want to develop Sikkim.”

Even after 38 years of merger of state with the Indian Union, the state is in pathetic state. The basic infrastructures like Road, electricity, water, education, employment are still missing.


Mounting attack on the announcement day of his political party, Bhutia said, “Current government is autocrat, who wanted to be in power by hook or by crook. Current state government has intentionally isolated Sikkim from the main land, so, that no one can criticize them.”

Replying to a question of leaving TMC and floating a new party, he said, “I’m from Sikkim and I fought election from Darjeeling on TMC ticket which always gave a sense of outsider. If I’m a resident of Darjeeling, I would have not vote for any outsider. Now, I will work for my home state, my district and my village and my people.”

When asked about the CM face of the party, he said, “I’m not the only person in the party or this not my party. This is a party of people of Sikkim. If party leaders decided then I will have no issue to accept the proposal to become a CM face.”

He further added, “We will announce the entire detail within in next two week in Sikkim but we came to Delhi for this announcement because, Sikkim is very far from Delhi. Our voice, issues mostly died half way or left unheard. People of Sikkim cries but no one is there to listen them,” he asserted.

Later, MN Dahal member of the newly formed party and retired government official said, “Sikkim has become safe haven for corrupt people. Neither State Bank of Sikkim is affiliated with RBI nor the investigative agencies like CBI have power to enter into the state and investigate corruption cases. This is happening because state government have refrain them by issuing a notification.”

He further said, the current CM of Sikkim, Pawan Kumar Chamling is in power since 1994 and he made tall claims that the state has developed the state but the reality is, of 6 lakh population more than 1 lakh people are unemployed, countless corruption cases, no institute for higher education, drastic down fall in birth rate and whenever anyone try to raise their voice against these atrocities, state government harshly suppress them like a dictator and no one is there to support them.

“We created a party not to do politics but to develop the state. We will work hard to change it,” He added.

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