Hardeep Puri’s tweet over flat for Rohingyas draws flak, angst social media users

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New Delhi, 17 August 2022: The Central government’s decision to move the accommodate Rohingya refugees to flats with special amenities in Delhi has met with severe criticism from their own supporters and people.

The Union Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri called it a milestone achievement, people have criticised the step calling it a ‘terrible decision’.

“Rohingyas are terrorists. They should be thrown out of India. Instead of doing that Modi led BJP to provide costly flats to them. Meanwhile, Pakistani Hindus and Hindus from Bangladesh are ignored as usual. 2024 defeat looks nearer,” said Rohit, President, Dravidian Khalsa, Ambassador to GAE.

Even the Vishwa Hindu Parishad condemned the decision and quoted the Union Home Minister who had declared in parliament in 2020 that Rohingyas will never be accepted in India.

“Rohingyas are not refugees but infiltrators heart been the consistent stand of the Union of India including in its affidavit file in the supreme court, said senior advocate, Alok Kumar.

Several people also questioned the abysmal living conditions of the Hindu refugees in Delhi and the government is prioritizing the accommodation of the Rohingyas.

“Hindu refugees from Pakistan continue to live in abysmal subhuman conditions in Delhi making the bounty propose to be conferred on the Rohingyas makes it more deplorable,” Kumar added.

The Chairman, Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation, Y. Sathish Reddy also stated that on one hand, Hundreds of Pakistani Hindu families left India after failing to get support from the Modi government despite several attempts. On the other hand, Rohingyas get Flats & all amenities from them.

Another social media influencer called upon the government for allocating flats for Rohingya infiltrators when the Pakistani Hindu refugees don’t even have a good slum. “Flats for Rohingya infiltrators, Kashmiri Hindus continue to be refugees,” they said.

Some have also called it a decision to garner the support of Muslim voters. “I’m sure BJP leadership understands it very well that no matter what Ms aren’t going to vote for them ever & such actions will affect their existing vote bank still they keep doing such things,” commented a social media influencer, Sinha.

“Prime location needs cheap labour. If rich people get cheap labour they will stay happy and vote for BJP. This is a masterstroke you don’t understand,” said a social media user.

Union Minister Puri also stated that those who complained of spreading propaganda to deliberately link India’s deportation strategy to the CAA would be disappointed.

“CAA is not implemented. And here Rohingyas are getting flats, not Hindu refugees. And this is happening under the great democracy. Hence, it’s proved that Hindus are the second-class citizens in India and here Democracy failed,” commented the Hindu Voice.

A social media user also stated that even the Muslim countries are sending back the Rohingya Muslims, “Bangladesh has repatriated 7 lakh Rohingya Muslim refugees back to Myanmar till date. It is planning to send the remaining Rohingya refugee with the help of China. Bangladesh doesn’t want to keep a single Rohingya Muslim. Bangladesh is a Muslim Country.”

“Terrible decision. The CAA doesn’t need to justify and defend by endangering Bharat’s security and demography. The CAA is capable of being defended without having to resort to this kind of monkey-balancing,” Sai Deepak J, Counsel, Supreme Court, Delhi HC.

“On the one hand, these BJP men are settling Rohingyas by giving flats, on the other hand, the BJP IT cell tells Kejriwal that you facilitate Rohingyas. Devotees become happy in this lie. The devotee is a mental slave. What duplicity. Who will be shameless from them? Seeing that true devotee will commit suicide. Don’t do that. He drowned in the water. If Modi ji has done it, he must have done something thinking,” Naresh Balyan, AAP MLA.

People targeted the Rohingya Muslims, “Rohingyas are not your average refugees who migrated because they were persecuted by state govt. Rohingyas were thrown out of Myanmar coz they have a history of ki11ing Buddhists & Hindus in Myanmar. Now, BJP is giving flats to Rohingyas in Delhi coz some people said BJP is communal, said another social media influencer.

While some people with a practical approach ridiculed the free accommodation of the Rohingyas, “we work hard, we pay taxes on time for nation building and its progress, so that basic facilities can be provided to all INDIANS, not Rohingyas, commented a social media user.

“Seems the shady NGOs working exclusively for Rohingyas were not enough. Why can Hindu refugees from Pak and Bangladesh not get roofs above their heads under the same UN norms? Govt should come up with data on how many Hindus have been provided with such facilities in the last 8 years, said a social Media Influencer from Dubai.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has also urged the Government of India to reconsider and demanded that instead of providing Rohingyas with housing, arrangements should be made to send them back and out of India.

“Yes, why love the Rohingyas and separation from Kashmiri Hindus and Pakistani Hindu refugees?” questioned Minakshi Shriyan, Journalist.

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