How 5G Will Transform The Gaming Industry In India?

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India (14/08/2022): Every day millions of Indians spend hours on their smartphone to play games, and the rollout of 5G promises to revolutionise this gaming experience. With super-fast internet speed, the latency rate in the game will drastically reduce, giving Indian gamers a much-needed boost in gaming. According to reports, by 2025, the Indian gaming industry will become a $5 billion industry. By 2023, there will be more than 450 million online gamers. In short, the gaming industry will experience rapid growth shortly, which the 5G network will further catalyse. 

5G To Promote Immersive Gaming Experience

With the high internet speed, the latency rate in gaming will reduce. This will allow Indian gamers to enjoy an immersive gaming experience even when playing heavy games. 


Additionally, 5G will remove the load of heavy computational power. It, in turn, will make heavy games, like those included in TapTap, very smooth. The smoothness of the game is especially helpful in playing multiplayer games. In multiplayer games, the gamers cannot go for quick fixes offered by Auto Clicker. The players need to play the game themselves; a slight lag in the game can ruin the entire gaming experience. 

Cloud Gaming Will Disrupt The Market 

The 5G network will make cloud gaming a trend. With the advent of cloud gaming, gamers can play a game on the go. To play any game, the gamer will not require any sophisticated computer, laptop or smartphone. In cloud gaming, all the games will be stored on a remote server; therefore, one can play them without sophisticated hardware. 


Cloud gaming trips down to high and reliable internet speed. Thankfully, the 5G network will offer both elements to the gamers. Therefore, cloud gaming is expected to disrupt the gaming industry in India and across the globe in the coming years. 


To give the players an immersive experience, most games have become complicated that requires high-end hardware. However, with cloud gaming, all these requirements can be eliminated. 

Downloading Games Take Place In A Jiffy 

Many impressive games, even at present, provide an update close to 1GB. It takes plenty of time to download such high updates and even regular games. However, with the 5G network, the users can download both heavy games and their updates in a jiffy. 


With an increase in the downloading speed of heavy games, the gaming developers and designers will get the opportunity to design more engrossing and complex games. The result will give birth to better quality games. 

Expect More Localized Events 

In the past few years, especially during the pandemic, not only did the gamers see growth, but even the spectators of the gaming events saw a considerable increase. Gaming events are not new; however, they are pretty popular now. 


With the 5G network, the number of localised events will increase, enabling the organiser to improve the gamers’ participation rate and the audience base. There are many additional benefits of increasing localised events, including sponsorship and advertisement opportunities. 

Multiplayer Mobile Gaming To See An Improvement 

The low latency rate plays a crucial role in multiplayer mobile gaming. A slight delay can decide the fate of a player. Many players at present, even if they can play well, sometimes end up losing such games. This, in turn, spoils the gaming experience. 


However, the 5G connection will take care of the latency rate and ensure a level play for all the players participating in the multiplayer game.

Mobile Gaming Will A Growth In Small Cities 

Smartphones have become highly affordable, and internet penetration has improved in the country. Along with the 5G network, even the small cities of India can enjoy a high-speed internet connection. The high internet speed will increase online gaming popularity in India’s small towns. 

Welcome AR and VR

The application of AR and VR is wide in the gaming industry. It improves the gaming quality and provides the players with an immersive gaming experience. However, AR and VR require high bandwidth, reliability, and low latency. The 5G network guarantees all these elements. Therefore, there will be rising popularity of AR and VR in India. 


It is safe to say that the 5G network, which will provide high internet speed and low latency rate in the gaming world, is here to offer many additional benefits. The most important benefit is that it will catalyse the growth of the gaming industry. 

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