Infosys Co-founder Warns Youth about Moonlighting and Promotes Honest Culture

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New Delhi (India), 24th February 2023: Infosys Co-founder NR Narayan Murthy on Friday spoke at the Asia Economic Dialogue organised by the Ministry of External Affairs at Delhi on Thursday.

Murthy expressed his concern and said that there is only a small portion of the country which works hard and there is a need for people to imbibe a culture and work ethics that would help in achieving the aspirations and goals that our Prime Minister envisions for our country.

He also said, “We need to build a culture of quick decision making, quick implementation, hassle less transactions, honesty in transactions, no favouritism.” But he also went to warn the youth about the moonlighting culture and the traps set by the corporate world.

Moonlighting is a term used when someone works for two employers and works a night shift for one of them. Murthy said to stay away from such schemes or insisting on working from home and going to office three days a week and so on saying that these stunts were unnecessary.

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