Meta to Fire Thousands of Employees this week

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New Delhi (India), 7th March 2023: Mark Zuckerberg headed Meta who owns the social media giants Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is planning to lay off thousands of employees within a week. The company had already laid off 13% back in November.

In a report by Bloomberg, Meta has asked highly placed officials like directors and vice presidents to name employees that could be laid off in this round of lay offs.

The Bloomberg report said that no official statement has been made but the list of employees will be finalised this week. All will be finalised before the Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg goes on parental leave for his third child, which may be imminent, one person said.

In the earlier rounds of layoffs they sacked nearly 11,000 employees which was their first ever biggest lay off. Recently Meta also sent ‘sub par’ and ‘poor’ performance reviews to their employees which have them walking on egg shells.

The lay offs are allegedly supposed to meet financial targets and also become a highly efficient workplace.

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