People voted for PM Modi Face & Rahul and that led to AAP’s defeat: Gopal Rai

Prerit Chauhan (Photo-Video) Lokesh Goswami Tennews New Delhi :

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New Delhi: After BJP Historic Win, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday accepted the people’s mandate, after his party lost on all seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital.

Kejriwal congratulated the BJP for its victory and said it hopes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would do “good work” in his future tenure.

On Friday, AAP Senior Leader Gopal Rai,
Said, “People voted for Prime Minister face Modi and Rahul and that led to AAP’s defeat.

Addressing the Party office, Rai said,

“We Respect the public’s mandate. Will work together with the Prime Minister for the people of Delhi. We have provided the best candidates. One worker has worked hard to contest. We will continue to work for the people of Delhi. We fought strongly in the Lok Sabha elections and we had given the best candidates in Delhi. We gave opportunities to the youth. We strongly did our campaign in the national capital.”

He further said, “Yesterday we had a discussion With all our Lok Sabha candidates and the common thing that came out is that despite all these efforts and campaign, we still could not explain Delhiites the importance of giving vote to AAP. People voted to make Mr Modi as the PM, and the votes against Mr Modi, went on the name of Rahul Gandhi to the Congress.”

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