Shaheen Bagh Protesters design India gate model to credit people who died during Anti-CAA protest

Vishal Malhotra / Harinder Singh

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New Delhi (14/01/2020): From a copy of India Gate with names of those who died during anti-CAA protests, to a model detention centre to raise awareness, to graffiti and posters, the protesters have used unique methods to express their dissent, agitators at Shaheen Bagh have used every modern thing so as to attract the eyes of government which recently imposed Citizenship Amendment Act in India.

Today, when Ten News reached Shaheen Bagh to gather a ground report of what’s happening there since December 15th, a student who appeared ‘not-in-senses’, interrupted a conversation of network’s reporter and a labour from Shaheen Bagh. This guy said, “why are you trying to talk with illiterate?” and that, “talk to me, I am a student and I will share the information!”

On the other hand, the replica of India Gate had names written on it, of people who lost their lives while protesting against CAA, NRC, NPR.

Names from almost every Indian State were present on this replica.

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