Tipu Jayanti 2018 protests: Hindu Sena Slams Congress for Celebrating Tipu Jayanti

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New Delhi: Karnataka is witnessing government-sponsored celebrations today for the birth anniversary of the controversial 18th century ruler, Tipu Sultan.The Hindu Sena on Saturday staged protests at Parliament Street, New Delhi against Karnataka government celebrations for the birth anniversary of 18th-century ruler of Mysore kingdom, Tipu Sultan.

The Hindu Sena slammed the Congress Government by Burning Tipu Sultan posters and also Raised Slogans as the JDS-Congress coalition government celebrating Tipu Jayanti in continuation of the previous Congress government’s policy.

Speaking to Ten News, Hindu Sena, Leader, Vishnu Gupta said,

“We are opposing Tipu Jayanti celebration. Nobody will appreciate this celebration. In the interest of the state, the government must stop it. Government’s intention behind Tipu Jayanti celebration is just to satisfy Muslim community.”

He further said, “Government is wasting public money in the name of Tipu Jayanti. Tipu is not a warrior, he killed so many Hindus and attacked temples. Why are they glorifying a man like him? This is vote bank politics.”

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