Top 10 Reasons of Rejection in Job Interviews

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Bidisha Dutta

This article will focus on the primary reasons on why a candidate gets rejected in a job interview. These factors will act as guide for candidates to avoid such mistakes in order to get selected in the job interviews that they apply for.

  1. Poor Preparation: Most of the candidates fail to get selected in an interview since they do not prepare well for the job role and the organizational requirement.
  2. Lack of proficiency in Business English: Unable to frame sentences in English and frequent switching to Hindi to express opinions or to express himself/herself.
  3. Failing to clear the screening test: Most of the time, candidates tend to take interviews lightly and do not brush up their core subjects on which generally a screening test is conducted to shortlist.
  4. Rigidity: A lot of candidates do not get selected in the interview because they exhibit a certain degree of rigidity in their particular approach. For example, when a candidate was asked whether he/she would be willing to work over the weekends, the candidate simply denied.
  5. Attitude problem: Candidates reaching late or showing impatience at the interview venue, asking the wrong questions to the interviewer, showing negativity about previous organizational experience might immediately get rejected.
  6. Low aptitude: Without proper guidance on what exactly to prepare for a particular interview, candidates appear unprepared and fail to clear the aptitude test.
  7. Body language negative: Not making proper eye contact with the interviewer, sitting with a wrong posture, fidgeting, demonstrating irritability, disinterestedness or aggression might fail to impress the interviewer.
  8. Presentation of content: Sometimes even very eligible candidates who possess the right industry knowledge and required qualification are not able to fare well in job interviews because of the method of presentation. You have to know exactly what to say and when to say to be effective and heard in an interview.
  9. Presenting false information: In order to escape giving the actual reason on why there is a gap in CV or why he/she has left the previous job, candidates often provide false information to cover up the flaws or gaps. This becomes a major concern and candidature is immediately cancelled for such dishonesty.
  10. Inappropriately dressed: Candidates sometimes get carried away by the laid back attitude in working in MNCs and go for important interviews very casually dressed. This creates negative impact on the interviewer.

The main focus of  is to guide and mentor candidates to prevent them from making such mistakes and lose job opportunities and get successfully selected in Job Interview.


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