TRAI holds meeting with Telecom Companies, discusses measures to better services

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New Delhi (India), 19th February 2023: TRAI or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India held a crucial meeting with telecom companies on Friday and discussed major topics such as the provision of better services to its customers and a better 5G experience in the country.

The TRAI monitors quarterly data which brought up issues like unsolicited spam calls and messages that pester customers on a daily basis. To combat this issue they directed the companies to take concrete steps to prevent the same. They also raised the issue of better 4G and 5G experiences for people in the country so that they can be on par with other leading countries around the globe.

However, they said that 5G Networking must not hinder or deplete the current telecom services in the nation. They also mentioned the persistent problems like call dropping, call muting and one-way speech and directed the companies to urgently deal with such problems.

Mobile service providers stated that to keep in check spam calls and messages from local telecommunication companies an AI-based system will be put into place that will monitor and prevent such calls. TRAI Chief PD Vaghela told reporters that they are in process of forming regulations and tightening quality of service norms. This will improve the quality standards immediately date and also monitor the Telcom companies.

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