Union Minister Prakash Javedkar slams Congress for using inappropriate words for Prime Minister

Shaihzad Abid (Photo/Video) By Lokesh Goswami Ten News Delhi :

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New Delhi: Union Minister Prakash Javedkar Slams Congress party for using inappropriate and abusive words for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Congress leaders were targeting PM Modi through a different set of words which looks unpleasant while talking about our Prime Minister Modi.

Today, Javedkar gave a strong reply to all while addressing a press conference at party headquarters in New Delhi.

Addressing a press conference, the union minister said, “The opposition parties are confused, they have started abusing. These are the words used by the opposition leaders, khoon ki dalali, gandi naali ka keeda, ganda aadmi, neech. Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi had aslo earlier said, Hitler, Tuglaq, Raavan Nikamma. Opposition leaders had said all the words present in the dictionary of abusive language. These leaders can’t compete and level allegations on our PM Narendra Modi thats why they are using abusive language. One of the Congress leader also said, Modi means M-Masood O-Osama D-Daud I-ISI, The Congress is deteriorating the level of arguments, we are living in a democratic country, they are confused because they believe that nobody else can run the country except them. Modi is there, they even can’t dream of the power, so they are using abusive languages. It is present in the DNA of congress to use abusive language, and the nation will respond to their abusive language in upcoming Lok Sabha elections.”

After the announcement of polling dates, the intensity of political storms is multiplying every day in India.

With all force political parties are giving their best raise thier score in upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Almost all the parties are busy in levelling allegations on each other, in a hope to reap political benefits and to make their political land more fertile.

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