Why Kerala Govt is supporting Women entry in Sabarimala @cmokerala

By T G Vijay Kumar
A Social Activist and Journa

Communist Party is getting cornered in India. They have lost West Bengal and Tripura because of their irresponsible administration. People from both these states are migrating to other states for their bread and butter. Now Kerala is the only island in India where they can breeth easily. But interestingly Keralites are becoming more religious and started going to temples and churches very frequently. As per the Communist manifesto, no comrades can follow any religious customs. They were not allowed to go to temples and become a temple managing committee member. But in the present scenario in Kerala, they realised that attacking hinduism from out side will not work and they started going to temples and trying to become part of temples managing committee. For the communist party, they want to destroy the beliefs and culture of hindus. Then only they can survive in Kerala. That is the reason the Govt is supporting Women entry in Sabarimala. Around 6.5 crores devottees are visiting this shrine in a season. 3 times more than the total population of Kerala. To achieve this they have purchased a few caste leaders. But they will have to pay price for this. They will never success in their attempt.

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