Women’s new year party halted, alleges AOA of creating unnecessary dispute


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Noida: Women residents of Supertech Capetown, Sector 74 went out and registered their protest against the Apartment Owner Association (AOA). The women’s of the society alleged that we are not being allowed to celebrate the New Year by creating unnecessary dispute.

“We women had earlier booked club 1 of the society with a contribution of 300 rupees each for new year celebration. We also had the official permission for the event. But now the AOA along with the members of club 3 are unnecessarily intrupting in our program.”

Women residents interacting with Ten News, said, “The members of AOA and club 3 were trying to organize a liquor party and for the same messages on WhatsApp are also getting circulated. For this party 2500 to 2000 ruppes is being collected. Common residents of the society has objection over this because it’s effects the social environment of the society and also has a adverse effect on the children’s mind.”

As per allegations AOA secretary, Krishn Sharma mailed the administrative body of the society and asked them to shut down the (club 1) the venue booked for women’s event. The women’s also alleged that the election of AOA is also not as the by laws.

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