YEARN TO LEARN : Addressing barrier in student learning’s

Vanita Srinivas

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24/1/2018                          Vanita Srinivas


Education is backbone of the society. Every parent strives hard to ensure good and quality education to their children. The government too is keen on quality education. A right to education bill is in place and a government is making an all out effort to improve the stands of government and government aided school. Schooling for girls is being popularized in a big way and many companies have opted to provide aid to girl education as Corporate Social Responsibility. All said and done education and being educated is a very important part of our society, our life and up bringing.

A major part of parents earnings and savings is spent on children’s’ education. Government aids too form a considerably amount of grants. The administration has laid down several rules to ensure that children are not taxed by travelling long distance to school. Several measures are taken to keep the curriculum updated as per the changing needs of society and global scenario. As a nation, society and family we put lot of things at stake to ensure good education.

We perceive education as an answer to all the issues and evils in society. Education makes a person a human being. It elevates him to a level where he can understand the difference between needs and greeds. It should bring sensibility and maturity in him. This indeed is the purpose of education. But how do we perceive an educated person. These days academic qualification is the parameter of being educated. Person with certificates, diplomas and doctorates are considered educated. The whole of nation is committed to the cause of quality education, yet we have lost the focus of the same. We are investing our energy not on quality education but securing admission in brand name of school. We are inclined to push kids into several co curricular activities rather than identifying the talent and the interest.  Most of the schools treat good education as scoring high. The students aim not at acquiring knowledge with humility, but to top. Competing to top is basically to surpass a fellow student, whereas the purpose of knowledge is to compete with the self, to improve self irrespective of what others are doing.

These days sole purpose of education is to secure a good job. A good job doesn’t actually signify a drive or an urge for job satisfaction and passion but fashion. Education is not to make us literate but to open a new horizon of understanding, humility and empathy.


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