1,757 structures declared unauthorized by Noida Authority, survey, evacuations & demolitions to continue!

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After the twin building collapse in Shahberi village, there have been continuous action by different authorities to identify and initiate action against illegal structures. On Friday, Noida Authority also released a list of One thousand Seven Hundread Fifty Seven illegal structures. Majority of these building have been erected in different villages of Noida.

The unauthroized structures have been categorized under various categories. 56 of these structures have been found to be in dilapidated state whereas 114 building were found constructed on notified land. 261 buildings were found constructed on acquired lands whereas maximum of 1326 unauthorized structures were found in Noida villages.

10 buildings were also demolished in Gadhi village whereas 12 persons were served notice with a week time to remove structures. Another building in Mamoora village was also evacuated after it was found unsafe for occupation.

Taking strict action, Noida authority has also filed FIR against 17 people from Nithari village for doing unauthorised construction.

Senior officials of the Authority informed that action against illegal structures will continue in upcoming days and surveys and crackdowns will be done as necessary.

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