BOBO , My First Unusual Child

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 27/06/2023: By Vanita Sriniwas

Bobo was a furry bundle of happiness, spreading joy in every direction. His love (People called these shedded furs filled every corner our home. We could trace it beneath our beds, under the curtains, upon the almirahs and all other places we set our eyes upon. He was a furry ball who slept all day long and barked in a meek voice occasionally. We named him Bobo, because that was what he did most of the time…bow bow. We tickled him he said BO, we petted him he again said BO and thus he became Bobo. He was just 35 days old when he chose to adopt us.

During initial months we carried him like a kid. Most of the time we were not able to find him and the search operation thereafter would find him under the double bed, sleeping blissfully. Whenever we called Bobo, we would instantly sight a soft ball of furry hairs bouncing at us with sparkling eyes and a wide infectious smile. The eyes were so dark yet full of love affection.

Luck knocks in many forms. In our case it knocked as Bobo. His antics kept us amused. Initially he didn’t realize he was different from us. This was height of his innocence. He would try to imitate us. One day he struggled to fit in a chair just like us. His failure to do so, unleashed his wrath on the plastic chair, with growls, barks, bites and hits. The chair yielded to his rage. We had to throw the mutilated chair away.

In the next few months he grew up faster than we expected and also learnt our ways, way faster than we expected. His jet black eyes were very mesmerizing and captivating. He was a big fellow by the end of seven months. Kids who cuddled him in the lane now kept a safe distance and there was a quiver of scare in their voice whenever they called him by name yet his unconditional love touched everyone.

Being so intimately associated with him we could observe his behavior from close quarters. However this observation process was mutual. He was also learning to be part of the family. He was thrilled to play with a ball. He would jump and run to catch the ball. It had been a pleasure to play with him. We noticed that he was mostly happy and energetic, but he was not untouched by emotions of remorse and lethargy. He loved being cuddled, pampered and stroked. Sometimes he used to wake up at three in the early morning and bark to wake us up too. It took some time to understand that he wanted us to put him to sleep again, just like a small kid. His journey with us has been fulfilling in more than one way. His share of activities involved us completely…his food time, his play time, his walk time, his pet time….every time was shared with us!

Pets are although speechless yet their big innocent eyes and wagging tails express a lot more than we can believe. But behind these inarticulate beings, sometimes there is a concealed and unexpected pain of menacing magnitude. We are seldom prepared for it. It catches us unawares and leaves both the pet and us shattered. When the clouds of despair descend, we should just hold the paws and let it pass. This is the crux of life. This is the first step of our spiritual journey of salvation. The pets show us the way. I personally believe Bobo led me on my path of spiritual journey. With him, by my side I realized, how miserably human kind had failed to be kind to their fellow being on this planet. The world could have been a lot simpler, more beautiful and lovelier if our race had devoted its pace to spend time to understand other animals rather than waste our abilities in connecting with machines.

The first lesson I learnt from Bobo was that this planet belonged equally to all who breathed, irrespective of their exterior appearance. We human being are so obsessed with our own being, needs and inventions that we forget that our co-inhabitants have an equal right over the Earth, the nature. The human beings have launched a destruction campaign in the name of building a civilization and advancement and we have totally ignored the needs and existence of all other creatures. We are completely oblivious of their rights and needs. The price of Deforestation, pollution of water, wars, nuclear experiments etc. are being paid by all the animals and birds also.

The second lesson I learnt was a bit unexpected. It came as an unanticipated message. Throughout our life we strive to hit the ego-less status. We endeavor hard to succeed in our spiritual journey by denouncing the inflated ego we are born with. But I found Bobo and his likes were born without ego. They have been blessed by the almighty. How simple their life was! It was just full of love, compassion, empathy and affection. They leave rest to the God. All they know is to love their family, come whatever may.

I pray Divine God to bless us too. Amen.

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