Must know what Gautam Budh Nagar learned voters says on Narendra Modi / BJP landslide victory

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A victory par excellence !

India has chosen it’s leader and strengthened the democracy by voting to a single party.

We have stood together for “Chhappan inch ka seena” and are confident that he would lead us in leaps and bounds around the world.

A great visionary leader whom we look upto and who shall turn vision into reality.

Global India ! Powerful India ! Developed India ! My India !

Dr Vandana Arora


Modiji is one prime minister who is known to One n all to the extent that public is hardly aware of their regional candidate but have voted for him.
Modiji through his work for the Nation will leave a legacy of honest work culture either the parties will learn or perish.
He has taken the election to a stature where you become part of the masses n people know you because of your work.
Now on your background or lineage become obsolete.
Modiji has made the masses smarter than ever before by his achievements, actions n patriotism.He has taken India to another level wherein every Indian feels proud.He is the most revered n honest prime minister till date.
Just a few thoughts

Sushma Mailk


Big congratulations!!!
Victory of Patriotism, Nationalism and Development over Dynastic and Caste politics!!

With the Lotus blooming everywhere, it is overwhelming to see that people of India have chosen Development over dynasticism, caste and creed. Immense respects for the people of our country!! 💐💐👍👍👍👍

Lotus is blooming everywhere!! 💐👍

Democracy has been strengthened!
The dream of my Nation Bharat becoming a Superpower in coming years is imminently going to be a reality….

Urvashi Makkar


Phir ek baar Modi Sarkar
Manniye pradhanmantri shri Narendra Modi ji ko dwara se pradhanmantri banne per agrim badhai. Shri Atal Bihari bajpaye ji ke baad Modi ji pehle aise vyakti h jo desi ke liye 24 ghante hamesha tayar h. Dr Mahesh Sharma ji ko bhi Jeet Ki hardik subhkamnaye .

Mukul Goyal


The grand victory of NDA led by the big brand Mr. Narendra Modi is clear indicator of the general people of the country that now voters are aware of what is right or wrong for the country. They have shown that no one can now befool them by making baseless political promises to them and immatured allegations on the ruling government.
The country has accepted and welcomed the policies of Modi government on all fronts, be it economic, foreign strategy, corruption or terrorism. The instant impact of this victory is clearly reflected by today’s reaching of the Sensex at ever record high of over 40,000 points. Sensex that is also known as the highly sensitive index is the parameter of economy : Prof Ajay Chaturvedi , Maa Saraswati Education.


CONRWA NOIDA CHAPTER congratulates PM Modi & our Dr. Mahesh Sharma for the historic win.

The nation has affirmed trust, faith in the great leadership of Modi leading from the front on Vikas, Inclusive Policies, Security, Upliftment of poor people.

No more appeasement, no more divide & rule, United INDIA.
Gautam Budhha Nagar has progressed with many big projects like Metro Expansion, National highway, Jewar airport, Biggest Mobile factory.

Looking forward to many more development projects & resolution of our infrastructure issues.
Brig Ashok Hak

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