National Technology Day

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The celebration of development in terms of inventions, discoveries, and upgrades in the science and technology field is done via National Technology Day. This day is celebrated every year on the 11th of May. Without scientific technologies and machinery development, human beings as a race could not achieve and maintain their position of being the prime race in the world. The ability to think and thus create gives us a pedestal way high than other creatures dwelling on the earth.


Historical Significance of National Technology Day


National Technology Day was declared to be celebrated as the day of technological development by our previous prime minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  On 11th May 1998, India successfully performed three nuclear tests at Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range. To remark on the significance of this achievement and commemorate the day India reached another milestone in its security, Atal Ji chose the day as National Technology Day. the decision was backed by The Council for Technology Development, and thus Technology Day for the Nation came into existence.


Importance of National Technology Day


Throughout the nation, many events are organised to celebrate the occasion of technological developments the country has made thus far. In the field of education, a new chapter began. EdTech industry, the combination of education and technology, has allowed students and teachers to come together and enhance the levels of education partaking and providing. This is one of the biggest achievements humans have made, as education falls under one of the human rights and is mandatory as well as extremely important for all individuals.


Taking students out of the barrier of four-walled classrooms, the EdTech industry has made gaining education much easier and better. With online classes, students can complete their degrees from anywhere as well as gain knowledge from both foreign as well as other location-residing experts.


With the availability of tools and platforms like UCanEvaluate, UCanSecure, UCanLearn, and more, Learning Spiral also pays tribute to the ever-expanding EdTech industry. We celebrate National Technology Day by making gaining education and providing education easier, better, and smarter for all.

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