NOIDA’s elite Club 26 members gets Renovated Restaurant, Medical Center

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NOIDA (01/11/2022): Noida’s prominent Club 26 facility, one of its kind in this posh society, has undergone great changes to stay updated with time.

In an interview with Shailly Agarwal, President Rakesh Khosla and General Secretary Sanjay Gupta of Club 26, Noida spoke about the brand-new changes at the facility.

President Khosla expressed that the facility has been going through significant upgradations. The restaurant has been newly renovated to ensure first-class ambience.

Club 26 in Noida has been providing key services to members in the form of plumbing services, electricity services and so forth. Keeping in line with the same, they have also introduced a medical center in collaboration with Apollo Hospital, Noida.


According to him, a general physician from Apollo Hospital will be present at the medical facility every day to provide their service free of cost.

When asked about his vision for the club, Mr. Khosla said : “We have running this club for the last 17 years and our motto has been to make it into one of the best clubs in whole of India.” He further said that the club is focused on providing top-notch services for various recreational activities including – restaurants, sports facilities, indoor activities and so forth.

In addition to renovation, the club is also focused on providing more and more facilities especially to senior citizens. Next, the club is going to start a helpline for senior citizens. Mr. Khosla reiterated the fact that senior citizens are the treasure of the society and they must be equipped with every possible facility to successfully meet their needs.


General Secretary Sanjay Gupta commended Mr. Khosla for his vision and expressed how the restaurant had been newly renovated within a span of just 35 days.

When land was alloted for establishment of the club in 1997, the objective was to confer maximum happiness upon the residents with the help of premium facilities.

In a final message to the members of the club, Mr. Khosla said: “Keep on encouraging us, keep on telling us what more do you expect from us. If you have any problem, let us know without any hesitation.”

Inauguration of Renovated Restaurant and Medical Center at Club 26, Noida | Photo Highlights

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