In today’s political establishments & Judicial activism provides more opportunities to give birth to lots of social activists and large number of litigations. RTI and Social media has reduced distance between files & public eye. On any issue there can always be multi-facet visions & opinions thereof. These are the challenges for an administrative officer to work efficiently & keeping everyone satisfied.

Before anyone can comment on a senior officer, one must understand the system & the environment in which one has to work & perform. If country has to develop, all sections have to perform positive roles & to be seen as accommodative to others opinions. It’s the job a leader has to perform. A person whom every one consider to be close to him, respected by all parties, people get agreed to his decisions; is very difficult to be find out.

For many years to come, people will not be able to find out a person who have got so much confidence of people of twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida. He has always accommodated every one. He has extended help to almost everyone who reached to his office.

I have privilege to work him directly. Attended meeting on various issues in noida / greater noida where he resolved issues in no time. I have seen him fighting for cause of people of these cities at Lucknow. The good thing that he has high respect in bureaucracy & affection of senior officers in government which was helpful for getting projects & proposals get through in no time.

It’s not simply noida & greater noida who have been benefitted under his leadership but other departments of governments also. On many occasions, his words has given huge energy & confidence to other administrative officers to perform.

Definitely, for anyone there are limitations to resolve problems but everyone can vouch that he has resolved problems atleast 10 times more than anyone else could have done.

I wish a longer stay for him in city which is very much necessary for completion of so many major projects having scheduled completion before March 17.

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