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National Technology Day

The celebration of development in terms of inventions, discoveries, and upgrades in the science and technology field is done via National Technology Day.

National Technology Day

“The logistics and supply chain industry is evolving at a phenomenal speed, and we believe that data and technology will be the driving force behind this transformation. Thanks to developments in IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Data…

Chat GPT AI: Balancing Innovation and Impact

AI has been a great innovation of science that has the potential to transform our lives in many ways. However, it is also important to consider the potential impacts that AI, such as Chat GPT, may have on society and…

Unchanged Repo Rates A Boon for the Housing Market

Much against general expectations, the RBI decided to keep the repo rates unchanged at 6.5% today. This is indeed good for the residential real estate market, which faces a tough road ahead amid massive layoffs by large corporates the…